Friday, May 23, 2008

Fishing w/Joel Broussard

Joel Broussard is a friend of ours from church. He recently got a new boat and was excited to tell Scott all about it and invited us out for a little fishing trip in the Bay... We launched into a small canal that lead us into a larger opening where there were "camps", homes/trailers built HIGH above the water. The owners of these camps would come out when they can and enjoy the bay. There was only one camp open when we went. The gentleman there, Joel, new the man - like all fishermen seem to do. They have these big nets they lower into the water and with the current of the water, they'll catch bait for the fishermen. The water wasn't running fast and it was early in the morning so there wasn't much in his net when he pulled it up. There were about a dozen shrimp. We took what he had and off we went.

We were fishing for Red Fish but never caught one. Scott caught his first crab, it was a good sized one, others caught hard heads, ocean catfish, then I caught a sting ray, he was little, but he was a fighter, it was fun. We turned him loose with no problems. I will say though that I did have the best catch of the day between that and the other fish I caught. It was the only one big enough to take home with us. Joel kept it.

We saw all sorts of wildlife we don't see in Utah, including alligators...even got a little video footage. :-)

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Hey Ya'll!!

Yesterday afternoon (May 22, 2008) my friend Tami and I did a little photo when she asked me if I wanted to go take pictures, in my mind I imagined, landscape, building, wildlife, NOPE! She had an entirely different idea! She's awesome!! Unfortunately she's only here for a couple more weeks and then her and her husband, Billy are going home to Houston, TX. They've been traveling the world with his job for the past few months and this is their last stop before heading home. We met a couple of months ago, but we were instant friends... Friends Forever... :-)

The video isn't so good, but I'm not going to take the time to edit it or it'll never get done. You'll hear the thunder after I ask Tami if she saw the lightning... no justice is done on my little digital camera...


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