Sunday, March 2, 2008

MADDIE!!! For my Russian friends!

Please read the post just below, this post will be more clear to you if you do...
In my previous post, I stated that I couldn't use the program I had been using before to make these little slideshows with my mac...I can't...BUT I begged my husband, and he had mercy upon me and let me use his computer to make more shows.

I'm sure he would have let me use it before, but again, I didn't think there was anybody really interested in watching them. Many times I feel like one of those people trying to force their friends into watching old, boring slides for hours...but, I guess this way you can stop it before you reach the glazed-over, zombie state.



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1 comment:

Bean said...

HOW FUN!!! I haven't checked this blog for a while because you hadn't been able to post anything. Now that I know you are back...I'll be a regular. Maddie is so fun. I saw a puppy pug the other day and it was so cute. It had the same colors as Maddie. If I were a gutsie person, I would have asked the person if I could hold her puppy. I'll be back...sly, bean.